Slug Days is here!

A charismatic illustrated novel about the ups and downs of school and home life
for one little girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder

On slug days Lauren feels slow and slimy. She feels like everyone yells at her, and she
has no friends. On butterfly days Lauren makes her classmates laugh, goes to get
ice cream, or works on a special project with Mom. Lauren has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and she sees the world differently from many people. Sometimes this can be frustrating and makes Lauren want to flip her lid. But with support and stubbornness and a flair that’s all her own, Lauren masters tricks to stay calm, understand others’ feelings, and let her personality shine.

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Jake Reynolds: Against the Tide

Jake (who readers may know from the prequel, Jake Reynolds: Chicken or Eagle?) is caught between old and new friends, having fun and doing the right thing––and he needs to make a choice before the tide comes in.


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Warm Up

Jasmine used to love dance. She struggles to hold on to that love as her dance team starts to fall apart. At a particularly rough practice, she channels her anger into her moves, surprising everyone, including herself, with how well she dances. But the team is still at odds, and it’s up to Jasmine to figure out a way to get her teammates to work together and celebrate the joy of dance.

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Count Me In – Winner of the 2012/13 Red Cedar Book Award

Tabitha is less than thrilled when her parents send her on a hiking trip with her cousins, Ashley and Cedar, and her Aunt Tess. For one thing, she’s not much of a hiker. And she’s pretty sure her cousins hate her. But even Ashley can’t blame Tabitha for everything that goes wrong on the hike, especially when Tabitha turns out to have more tenacity and courage than anyone–even Tabitha herself–realized.


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Sounds of the Ferry

Following up on their best-selling adventures in Mountain Machines, Sara Leach and illustrator Steven Corvelo board a ferry to explore the sounds and sights of a sea voyage. Full of detail, with recurring characters and colourful marine life, this rhyming picture book takes children on an entertaining ferry ride. Sounds of the Ferry has been nominated for the 2012/13 Chocolate Lily Book Award.

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Jake Reynolds: Chicken or Eagle?

Eleven-year-old Jake Reynolds wants to save seal pups from the talons of bald eagles, protect his little sister Sierra and confront the wolf he is sure stalks Hidalgo Island. But his best friend Emily calls him a chicken, comforts Sierra when she falls and doesn’t believe the wolf exists. Even as Jake hears howling in the night, part of him hopes Emily is right; he may dream of being a hero, but he is terrified by the thought of running into a wolf. When Jake leads Emily into the woods in search of adventure, he finds more than he bargained for—and discovers things about himself that he never knew existed.

Jake R cover

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Mountain Machines
Written by Sara Leach, Illustrated by Steven Corvelo

Two to five-year-olds will love Mountain Machines and its colorful view of the antics of the gondolas, groomers, bull wheels and pipe dragons that run a ski resort.

Vibrant illustrations and whimsical words teach tots to count and name the machines cavorting in the snow. Each machine has it own personality and on every page Marty Marmot observes the fun.

A lively book for little ones to learn numbers and new vocabulary, as well as for anyone who loves snow, snow sports, winter or machines.

Mountain Machines cover

Mountain Machines cover

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